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Cat6 Plenum solid conductor CCA cable. A perfect choice for your indoor voice/data/video installation, security networking applications, and indoor/outdoor LAN applications. Cat6 Ethernet UTP Plenum cable is suitable for 550Mhz Gigabit Ethernet applications due to its high data Transfer Capability. These Cat6 cables can handle greater bandwidth and fast speed with ease. It provides more resistance to NEXT and AXT cross-talk issues in noisy environments. Cat6 cable is the most popular cable for long, stationary runs whether used at home or office environment. These cables have a special low hazard, low smoke (CMP) jackets, which made them ideal to be used in plenum air-return spaces.


·        1000ft Cat6 Plenum Solid CCA Conductors

·        23 AWG (American Wire Gauge) Copper Clade Aluminum Conductors

·        Tested Up to 550MHz, CMP Plenum Rated Jacket

·        Length: 1000ft (305 meters) Pass Fluke Test

·        Easily Identified Color-Striped 4 pair UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair)

·        Tangle-Free Easy Pull Box Packing

·        ROHS Compliant TIA/EIA 568-B-2 ISO Certified.

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